Lauren O'Janpa

With a background in mental health therapy as a licensed professional counselor, yoga felt like a natural continuation of Lauren’s path. When seeking ways to improve her focus, strength and confidence, she landed at the feet of this ancient practice. She quickly recognized that the physical and mental practice of yoga had an intense uplifting effect on her, making her feel connected to something bigger.

It may have been the yogic philosophy that drew Lauren in to teaching, but her personal path toward greater confidence has inspired what she shares in her classes as well as her individual practice. Shaping the way she approaches mental health and self-talk, yoga has allowed her to approach the world from the ground up. And that is how she approaches her classes as well. Lauren finds it essential to start with the foundation of stillness and breath in order to bring light to shadows within the self, which are often woven in to tensions held in the physical body. She enjoys incorporating Dharma yoga and proper alignment to support students in their observation of self.

This perceptive yogini is one of our own, having completed her 200-hour Aligned Flow Teacher Training in May 2015 right here at Puma Yoga with Maria and Amy. Her smile and energy are contagious, and you can see the blend of peace, physical balance and mental clarity she holds within her whether she is on or off the mat.


Goddess/Malasana: It is so grounding and comforting, yet has the power to open the hips and lets the breath really sink in.

Class Offerings 
Monday 8:30 - 9:30pm Slow Flow
Saturday 12:00 - 1:00pm Prenatal