Diane Capuano, Desk Yogi

When you step into the studio and are greeted by Diane, you know it is going to be a good day! This budding yogini radiates a warm welcome that you can feel all the way in to your heart. It may be her nurturing personality, but no matter what questions you come in with, Diane will set your hesitations at ease.

As a Cleveland Clinic Registered Nurse, she knows that her yoga practice doesn’t just live on her mat. She sees the collective generosity all around us that reminds her to be good to herself and to share that goodness with others. Even when things feel chaotic in life or at work, she is able to remain grounded and see clearly. Yoga is a physical, emotional and spiritual practice that is always there for her. Her coworkers at the clinic as well as her family and friends constantly inspire her to be her best.

After discovering yoga in high school, Diane found that it helped her see her true self more clearly. In a time that so many people struggle to feel at ease, the practice of yoga helped her feel comfortable being herself. It encouraged her to uncover and allow the best version of herself to unfold.That blissful joy that comes after each practice still resonates every time she steps on her mat. She is so grateful for the practice and its benefits that she even plans to complete her Puma Yoga Teacher Training with the 2017 class!


Warrior II or Virabhadrasana II: This pose helps her to feel strong, grounded, and fierce.