Pre/Postnatal Classes

‘We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful; It’s that women are strong.”
~Laura Stavoe Harm

Through a consistent yoga practice, we develop body and breath awareness, focus, and concentration. Learning to relax quickly and completely, we practice softening around the sensations of opening up. These are the skills that will help you most as you move through all stages of your pregnancy.

The confidence and strength you gain through prenatal yoga will bring out your true goddess during this incredible and incomparable transformation of body and mind.

We wish you a joy-filled, beautiful pregnancy and a magical, loving birth.


The combination of strength and flexibility allows the body to keep active and stay strong as it changes to carry your growing child. Healthy muscles stretch more easily, and are less likely to ache, tear, or cause injury before, during, and after your pregnancy.

Yoga builds strength and confidence in the body and mind and stimulates the ‘relaxation response’, releasing fear, tension, and stress that can be a barrier in childbirth.


The prenatal yoga program at Puma Yoga is created to prepare you for labor and delivery. Classes focus on breathing and relaxation techniques as well as yoga postures that help develop and promote muscle strengthening and toning, balance and circulation. Restorative postures are included in class. Whether you are an advanced yoga practitioner or new to yoga, Puma Yoga invites our moms-to-be to join us for prenatal yoga classes that will help to prepare the body and heart for childbirth. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other moms in a safe, warm environment.

Practicing yoga during pregnancy helps to strengthen the body, increase flexibility, release tension, maintain good posture, and aid in keeping an upbeat attitude especially when dealing with stresses associated with pregnancy and motherhood.