Yoga instructor Maria 'Puma' Perme instructs the basics on how to come into Downward Facing Dog and then transition to Childs Pose.

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Rise N Shine Yoga with Maria. Saluting the sun on the shores of Lake Erie.  The result?  Calm. Focused. Happy.  Peace y'all!

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TEACH what you LOVE! The Puma Yoga Aligned Flow Teacher Training program is a 200 HR foundational training and is ideal for aspiring teachers and yoga students wishing to delve deeper into their practice, whether or not they're seeking to teach. 

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  • "I am a massage therapist and have been suffering from a lot of pain the past few years in my shoulders and wrists.  I have a hard time putting pressure on my wrists sometimes during class,  but I have been using props and modifications to help.  I really should have started taking yoga years ago to help me with my pain and to build strength in my body.  I am really happy with Puma Yoga and glad I made the choice to come to your studio."  
      ~E. B.


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